What accessories are needed with a Zen Toolworks machine?

We sell our machines in a couple different ways. Either you can purchase the bare CNC machine platform that does not come with any electronics, software, or accessories, OR you can choose one of our many CNC packages that come with most everything needed to start building and using your machine.

The essential components to a CNC machine are:

  • The machine itself
  • Electronic control components, including power supplies
  • CAD software, or a source for 2D/3D models
  • CAM Software for creating GCode
  • Any accessories/attachments to perform whatever task you are trying to do ie.(rotary spindle for milling, extruder for 3D printing, hot wire kit for foam cutting, etc.).

All of these components are available through Zen Toolworks. If you are new to CNC and don’t know where to begin, one of our “Complete Packages” would make a good choice as they will include everything you need to get started.

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