Shipping and Returns

Zen Toolworks provides the cheapest shipping option possible and always looks for a way to lower the cost.  We primarily use Fedex Ground for domestic(US) delivery.  If you order multiple products from us, we will try to combine the shipping as much as possible to save the total shipping cost for you. Sometimes, the system is not intelligent enough to calculate the combined shipping cost correctly, we will adjust the final total for you after purchase.

For customers who receive damaged packages should contact us immediately.

If and when sending our equipment back, we require all parts to be disassembled in the manner it was sent and packaged reasonably secure to limit damage to the equipment while in transit.  We will charge fees for parts that have been damaged due to insufficient packing that we can not restock. We recommend the use of old balled-up newspapers and cardboard scraps to make great space fillers that help keep things from shifting and getting damaged.

For additional return information, please contact us.

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