7X7 X/Y Or 7X12 Y(Base) F8 Lead Screw Upgrade (1 Axis Only)


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Product Description


  • 1x F8 Anti Backlash Nut.
  • 1x F8 7×7 X/Y


FASTER IS BETTER! Do you hate waiting to move the spindle to the home position? Do you impatiently tap your fingers when the “”safe speed”” seems slower than your productive moments? Well let me introduce you to the new F8 lead-screw!
This is the lead screw upgrade for 7×7 X/Y Axis or 7×12 Y(Base) Axis. The screw is 8mm in diameter and has a lead of 8 mm. Now that’s FAST!

The upgrade also comes with the Anti Backlash assembly which virtually eliminates the backlash while in operation!

Quantity: 1 lead screw for 7×7 X/Y or 7×12 Y(Base) & 1x F8 Anti Backlash Nut
Length: 14 Inches
Diameter: 8mm
Number of Lead: 4
Lead of 8 mm, (one revolution is 8 mm movement)



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