DeskProto – Multi Axis Edition (Hobby License)


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Product Description

A nice CAM software that will fit most of your desktop prototyping needs.
About Hobby License:

A Hobby license is a full-featured license: only the price is lower than for a commercial license. Even much lower: the hobby discount on DP Full is 75%. A few restrictions do apply though:
A hobby license may be bought only by a private person, not by a company (also not by an employee or owner acting as a private person but in fact buying for the company).
A hobby license may not be used for any commercial application.
For hobby licenses the free support by telephone and email does not apply: use the Forum instead.
A hobby license may not be sold or transferred to another user.

Scale, Mirror and Rotate the geometry
Set a bottom level (the minimum Z-value to be machined).
Define and select cutters
Distance between the parallel toolpaths, and stepsize along the toolpath
Speeds: feedrate and spindle speed
Roughing options: skin thickness and layer height
Simple 2D machining
Bitmap machining (grey-value to Z-Height conversion)
Rotary Axis Machine
Five Axis machine



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