High Torque Stepper Motor Arduino Control Package


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  • Pre-assembled on acrylic board for easy out of box test run
  • Control CNC over USB instead of via Parallel Port
  • Arduino UNO R3 Board (Preloaded with the g-code library)
  • Arduino Shield with Wiring Harness
  • 24V Switching Power Supply Included



  • This package includes electronic components that will allow you to control up to 3 axis stepper motors.
  • You CANNOT use this Arduino control package with Mach3 software.
  • The benefit of this Package is the ability to control CNC over USB instead of via Parallel Port.
  • Arduino based electronics kit also uses FREE open-source software as its control interface.

Quick Start Guide:

  • GCode Generation

You will need to have your g-code generated using your preferred CAD/CAM software. You can use software like Autodesk Fusion 360 or Cut2D for 2D profile cutting or Aspire for 3D relief cutting.

  • USB Driver Install

To use the control box, you will need to install the Arduino USB driver. Download Arduino IDE from this link. After the download, install the software and the driver (It will ask you whether you want to install the USB driver during the installation process).

  • Verify USB Communication

After you have the USB driver installed, and connect the control box to your computer through provided USB cable, you can verify whether you have the connection established by looking at the computer control panel->System->device manager->Ports, you should see a new “COM” port shown up.

  • GCode Sender

After you have your GCode prepared with CAD/CAM software, you will need to use a software to send the GCode over to our control box through the USB port. There is much such software available online, most are open source and free. We suggest you use Universal GCode Sender, it is robust and on the market for many years. Here is the link to download the software. Download the 2.0 Platform version, which is compatible with the new Grbl firmware we preloaded onto our Arduino board.

  • Understand the Grbl commands

Please use the Grbl wiki page for your reference to understand all available g code commands.



Product Documents


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