Zen Toolworks CNC 12×12 3D Printer Conversion Kit With F8 Leadscrew


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Product Description

Note: This is NOT a complete CNC machine kit. It is a conversion kit. You will need to have our 12×12 Kit as base and add this part then it’s 12×12 3D kitONLY.
This conversion kit will make Zen Toolworks CNC DIY Kit 12×12 model 3D printer ready. It increases the clearance under the spindle to about 5 inches, and the Z Axis travel is also increased to 5 inches.

If you are interested in building a 3D printer, this will be one option for you. You will need to add a printer head (extruder) to the tool base and you are ready to go.

This kit can also been used if you want to add a 4th axis to your CNC project. The clearance under the gantry will allow you to put a rotary axis and tail stock under the cutter.


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