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Product Description

The addition you have been waiting for! The ZenCNC Laser Attachment adds a whole host of new capabilities to your existing CNC. Whether you  have a Zen Toolworks CNC machine or another brand, this laser attachment can be used. Make the most of your CNC by adding laser capabilities. Our custom engineered enclosure and housing comes fully assembled and ready to attach to your machine. The lower portion of the assembly is our safety skirt with viewing window that helps to encapsulate the beam for a safer work environment. The skirt also has a “Laser Safe” viewing window to allow visibility of the laser in action. Further more this shroud helps contain the smoke and fumes and with the addition of your own vacuum, you can exhaust and vent the fumes as you wish.  (Included Laser Safety Glasses must be worn at all times during laser operation)

Engrave- Wood, plastic, leather, and many more…

Cut – Thin woods like balsa, paper, labels, foam, thin plastics, etc.

Adding a laser to your CNC will allow you the ability to quickly and easily personalize all sorts of items. Adding a company logo, someone’s name, or an image to an item becomes easier than ever. Using this laser along with our Arduino Controller allows you the ability to engrave full grey scale images with ease. The quality and detail this laser can achieve will amaze you. Our soon to release “Zen Motion” Software will make running your CNC with your new laser attachment a breeze.


  • Power – 2.8W Laser
  • 445nm, 9mm Laser Diode with G2 Optic Lens
  • Control – J Tech Photonics USA Made Control Board
  • Housed in a painted sheet metal enclosure with cooling fans, Safe viewing window, and Vacuum Port
  • Compatible with Arduino or Mach3 controllers (Greyscale image engraving currently only works with Arduino Controller)
  • Includes Laser Safe Glasses (To be worn at all times when working with the Laser)

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