What says Happy Valentine’s Day better than an LED Edge Lit Acrylic Sign ?



Engrave your artwork into a piece of acrylic. We engraved the artwork to a depth of 0.01″


We used a 1/16″ endmill as a clearing bit, and then a 30deg V-Bit for finishing the final details.


Here is a picture of the finished Acrylic Artwork.


Now we need to make a stand. We used a piece of hardwood and cut a pocket about 1/2″ deep to hold the acrylic.


Once the pocket has been cut, we drilled a hole from the side into the pocket. This will be where our wiring goes.


We Picked up a simple LED Light Strip kit from Amazon and cut it down to the appropriate size. 


We installed the LED light strip
through the hole on the side and
slid the acrylic into the pocket.


Plug it in and turn out the lights!

Lessons Learned

During Every project we learn things on how we would approach or do things different if done again. One thing we learned in this projects was that using 2 different bits to engrave the artwork gave slightly different finishes in the acrylic’s surface. While not very noticeable at first, the light from the LED magnifies this effect. A finish pass on the surface with the 30deg V-Bit would have probably solved this.

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